Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hello, Aloha and Bonjour.

So this is the first post in my brand new shiny blog... I'm just a little bit excited. 

This blog has been inspired by so many people: my friend from Uni, Fiona, has a fantastic blog ( and one of her friends, Rachel, also has a fantastic blog ( I love them both and am constantly so inspired by their passion, creativity and the joy that they get out of blogging. My Uni tutor has been encouraging us to write so this is hopefully an extension of that task. 

Here is my current plan for my blog:

Monday - Weekly catch up and my challenge. As an avid Instagram user, I tend to do Instagram photo a day challenges; I also love blogging quizzes so I may post one of those once in a while. 

Tuesday - Tuesday "Shorts." Basically, a really short story from some point in my life/something involving one of my friends that has happened in the last week. 

Wednesday - Game Review. Anyone else love gaming? I'm a total nerd. I'll be reviewing a mixture of games from both I-Win ( and from major games consoles. If you haven't checked I-Win out yet, then do so! They have a great mixture of both free and pay for games and I'll be reviewing one of their games in my next blog post (up in about twenty minutes). 

Friday/Saturday - These days are pretty interchangeable. This post will be about FOOD. I love baking and eating so this will be an opportunity for me to talk about everything foodie. I plan to start by working my way through "Easy Peasy Cooking" (yes, it's a children's cook book) as all the recipes in there are yummy! 

How yummy does this look? My baking will be nowhere near as successful!

I may post other things from time to time: film reviews, things that I've seen or that I'm interested in, poetry, tit-bits, big life moments (you get the drift, right?)

Much Blogging Love


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