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Thursday ramblings - Game of Thrones Season 1

Hello lovelies, 

This past week I just finished watching Game of Thrones Series 1 - I absolutely loved it and am going to start season 2 this weekend. I have a rough idea (thanks to my Uni course-mates) of what happens in the books so far. Below, I'm posting my opinion of each character and my predictions for what will happen to them into the next series. 

Sansa: Included first as she is my favourite calender. I can identify with her, sympathise with her and I completely love her. She, despite being criticised, has shown her political nouse this season; despite how it spectacularly backfired.  Is he naive? Yes. Can I see why she is hated? Yes. Do I think she'll become a major game-changing character? Yes. She is now, from what I can see, about to complete an apprenticeship with Cersei and Cersei's diplomatic and manipulative skill plus Sansa's morals and love for others would make Sansa a wonderful Queen, if she ever gets the chance to.  She has all the heart of her Dad and all of the political skill of her Mum - truly formidable in my book. 

Arya: Controversially, one of my least favourite characters. I have so much sympathy for her wanting to be a boy, and for wanting to develop her tomboyish and fighting side. Do I think she has the common sense to play the game in the same way as Sansa? She still needs to prove her political skill instead of relying on her sword play and athleticism alone. I'm interested to see where her journey takes her - but I'm worried it's going to become a series of hi-jinks and capering with men on the road. I would hate for her to become a comic relief character when I think we need to see the character grow if we're going to take her seriously. 

Bran: First of all, I think he's adorable. I would like to adopt him. I am, and I understand that this may come from watching episodes back to back, SO BORED of his dream. Where is that blinking raven taking him? Bran has been acted beautifully and I felt so sorry for him when he found out he could never walk. Bran seems to have some political sense and a will to fight. My main thought about Bran is that maybe he can see into the future - the three eyed raven being symbolic of that. Bran (or Rickon) is my personal guess for who I think will be King at the end of the series. 

Robb:  I'm on the fence with Robb. He obviously has ambition and is noble, and he seems to be doing a good job of ruling and leading his army. His reliance on his mother, however, frustrates me. I understand that she is very wise and experienced at dealing in politics and with men, and that her father's influence has led them to some huge advantages. (crossing the bridge, for example). Do I however, think that he will ever be taken seriously as a Mummy's boy? Hmmm... Both Joffrey and Robin paint negative images of Mummy's boys - meaning Robb must either buck the trend or he's doomed. 

Cersei: First of all, the incest story line creeps me out. In a world full of spies and manipulation, I doubt that Cersei's love affair would be as secret as it seems. More people than the ex-hand of the King must have worked this out. She is obviously politically skilled but I think her poor parenting is about to come back and haunt her; she can't control Joffrey, but she can control Sansa. Cersei's best move would be to make Joffrey fall in love with Sansa and then use her to get to him! 

Tyrion: Tyrion confuses me. He obviously wants to be accepted by his father, and yet seems less interested in playing the political game. He obviously wants to put the wrongs of the world right, but does not fully commit to this in the same way that the Stark family does. He is either playing a much bigger game than has been revealed yet (I hope so!) or is simply too emotionally affected by his father's mistreatment of him to play the game properly. 

Dany: I love Dany's storyline but I was slightly confused by the end. (Did the witch poison her baby? Was it just the incantation? Why did the baby and the horse not bring back Drogo? Why wouldn't the witch make this clear?) THe dragons were something that I think we all saw coming but for me, this season was Dany's. Her journey was the most startling and the most believable. The characters that surrounding her were the only reason she wasn't my favourite character: Drogo being used as a tool to show how his new wife is much more politically sensitive than him and Jorah being a Wikipedia page for the first few episodes and a lusty uncle by the end. I hope Dany ditches him, takes the horse people as her court and goes back to King's Landing one day; though I don't think it will be as Queen. 

Jon Snow: I'm not going to say too much on Jon because I feel that this character's journey hasn't started yet. I quite liked the army-style training scenes early on but I felt that him being so easily swayed by his new allies (after being so set on leaving) was a slight cop out by the producers.  I don't think Jon will stay in the Night Watch forever; his family loyalty seems to be too strong for that. I feel that his adventures (hopefully, beyond the Wall) will be the making of him. I see potential, but not that much growth (other than "Stop being a smug so-and-so/Learn humility" - Disney movies give you more depth...) 

Joffrey: As my Dad would say, "cruising for a bruising", I doubt that Joffrey will be King by the end of next season. In a way, although I believe that his becoming King helped so many of the other characters to develop and fuelled the action, I wish he had stayed a Prince for a bit longer. The title of the series "Game of Thrones" has not truly been fufilled, and I only feel it will upon Joffrey's death. Tommen will not be a strong King and could be easily usurped. Joffrey is almost too much - there's crazy, and then there's "Why haven't you been disposed of crazy?". For me, Joffrey errs to close to the fantastical and unbelievable side. 

There we have it folks, my opinion of Game of Thrones series 1: I only discussed the main characters, and none who were dead by the end of the season. I would love to discuss the series and GoT with you; please leave a spoiler free comment below. 

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  1. Don't worry about Arya becoming a comic relief character, she couldn't be further from it. You'll find that your opinions of characters you have now will change though, and the new season brings a lot of new faces to develop opinions of too.

  2. Interesting. I'm really excited to see what the Baratheon brothers (Stannis and Renly) end up doing.